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The Ice Age  Breakout - 1
 Part 5 - 

- From imperial cultural entrapment to freedom -

Dynamics for Freedom


Ready for takeoff?

Under the Banner of the Ice Age Challenge "In Truth we Trust" the greatest economic revolution in the history of the world lies before us, with a future of real universal wealth in living. We can get there by no longer cowering before the thinly veiled banner of empire "In Lies We Trust!" 

A future of abundance lies before us which the Ice Age Challenge inspires us to reach for, which reflects the potential we have right now in the present world. The greatest significance of the Ice Age Challenge, therefore, lies not in its respect to a future challenge, but in its enriching effect on the present as we begin to recognize the enormous power and freedom to develop ourselves and our world, that we already have, that we have lost sight of under our willing submission to cultural despotism.

The moment we break out from this trap, a new and rich world beyond imagination unfolds before us.


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