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The Ice Age  Breakout - 1
 Part 4

- From imperial cultural entrapment to freedom -

Dynamics for Depopulation


The end game of empire has begun. It really has. Everything now depends on a worldwide Glass Steagall type commitment to STOP oligarchic predation on society that is collapsing humanity's foundation for living, by destroying the economies of the world.  Nothing less than this type of a breakout will suffice as a start on the road where humanity can have a future. 

The master's obscuring of the Ice Age Challenge with the Global Warming Doctrine is a part of the unfolding end game, as is the Depopulation Doctrine that is promoted equally as forcefully by the same masters and for the same purpose. War and terror fall into the same category. A single thread unites all of these aspects. The essential breakout from empire - from all of these traps - has therefore a single purpose to set the stage for human survival. That's our only hope, and our only means we have for beginning to face the only unavoidable physical challenge before us, which is the Ice Age Challenge that supersedes all lesser challenges, but which can be met when humanity masters its destiny by freeing itself from the chokehold of empire. Physically and technologically the Ice Age Challenge can be easily met, and will be met once humanity "breathes the free air" and discovers its power.


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