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- From imperial cultural entrapment to freedom -

Dynamics for War


The entire monetarist system of empire has become so extremely volatile by its built-in utter bankruptcy, that, as LaRouche had put it in 2007 in a webcast, a non-collapse is not possible under any circumstances, any leadership, or any government. 

A great danger looms ahead as the masters of empire will now force war upon the world in an effort to create such chaos that as a last resort for them, they might restage the world once more to their advantage, aiming in the shadow of this chaos, to save their dying system one more time. Yes, we are entering dangerous times indeed.

Modern warfare has moved beyond the use of atom bombs to destroy a nation or much of mankind. The most modern form of war has become increasingly a radioactive gas war that massively disables the targeted societies with a radioactive 'poison' that spreads with the air currents over wide areas and across the world, which is of a type that remains in the environment for billions of years. The Ice Age Challenge becomes meaningless in the shadow of this threat, for then humanity will no longer exist as a living world no longer exists. It is the most critical challenge for humanity today to break out from this trap. 


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