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Nemesis, 12-21-2012, Nibiru, Planet-X
the mythical apocalypse that may kill you, though it is fiction,
for the real one is looming: nuclear war, hyperinflation, food collapse, economic disintegration

These are the real and hidden apocalyptic issues of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

Danger: the 12-21-2012, Nibiru, Planet-X myths are apocalyptic fictions that can still kill you.


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How does one resolve the paradox?

No astrophysical evidence exists for the mythical planet Nibiru, also called Planet-X, to be anything else but a fantasy, and an object of pure fiction that sells apocalyptic fairy tales. (See: 2012: No Planet-X) It simply doesn't exist, and not existing, it won't cause havoc on the Earth as many people believe it will as a part of the 2012 Extinction Doomsday Prophecies based on the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012. NASA sums it all up nicely: 12-21-2012 Just Another Day  NASA even has a short movie attached. From an astrophysical standpoint absolutely no danger exists at or near the expected date of catastrophe. Nevertheless the doomsday predictions pose a grave danger to humanity, even a vastly greater danger than most of the doomsday predictions envision, because the doom that humanity has prepared for itself by numerous tragic intentions pales most of the mythical doomsday predictions. Those intentions are real. They stand undefeated to date.

One aspect of the man-made doom can be initiated at any time. It can be initiated by numerous types of technical failures, military miscalculations, political provocations, insane leaders, and most of all by agents of empire like the U.S. President Obama who has put the doom of humanity onto the table as a political tool. 

This tool has many faces. One face is war, a thermonuclear war, a short war of less than a hundred minutes. It has been in preparation for 50 years. Its consequences are unsurvivable. Such a war would likely cause the extinction of humanity, globally, and almost all life with it. The biosphere itself would not survive the consequences of a war in which the destructive force of more than 100,000 Hiroshimas is being applied (See the LPAC video: Unsurvivable).

The danger with doomsday predictions is that they can become self-fulfilling prophecies, or can become fulfilled by madman, or by politicians who in their utter emptiness as human beings use the prophesies as factors in their brinkmanship games. This means that Nemesis, as a symbol for all apocalyptic theories, myths, and prophesies, is truly at the door already with a monumentally ugly face that has become in modern time the face of imperial terror as the face of terror typically is. 

This Nemesis is real. It is here. It stands poised to strike, although not necessarily on 12-21-12 as the unholy sea of doomsday prophets predict. The real Nemesis is not mythical. It is physical, though it is the outcome of decades of cultural degeneration.

In a rare moment of honesty, the masters of the nuclear game have coined a term that actually fits the intention, "Mutually Assured Destruction." The depopulation advocates in the cesspool of empire love the idea of assured destruction. The modern geopolitical games are moving towards the realization of this assurance. Who knows what plans their countless disciples in hidden places have cooked up to 'benefit' from, from a cataclysm that is coldly calculated to profit those who are no longer human, who are drowning in decadence in their insane dreams and delusions of world domination by terror and evermore terror? This is the Nemesis that stands at the door that needs to be blocked. (See my video: Sovereignty versus Nuclear War)

The only path for humanity to assure for itself, with sufficient certainty, that Nemesis will not strike on the nuclear-war front, is to eradicate all nuclear weapons in the world. This can be done in a week. It is known were all the nukes are located. To render them all useless isn't a big technical task. If humanity had retained its free-flowing love in its heart for itself as the greatest manifest of life on the planet, nuclear war would have never been thought of. And even now, if this type of love existed, the critically essential task to eradicate the entire weaponry wouldn't pose a problem. It would be carried out fully and completely under the heading: the Strategic Defense of Mankind. 

With the same intensity should the Strategic Defense of Mankind be pursued against the deadly consequences of the already ongoing Ice Age Transition, which I am putting on the table under the name NAWAPA XXII (NAWAPA 22),  for creating the greatest industrial, scientific, economic, and cultural renaissance of all times. (see: NAWAPA XXII)

Since humanity's love for itself is so small that it has no interest in defending itself, its most minimal response should be to instantly remove any President or World Leader from the office of power who even dreams about putting the doom of humanity onto the table as a political tool. 

By this criterion the U.S. President Obama qualifies for immediate removal from office for the crime of "the most extreme criminal intention." Nuclear war cannot be prosecuted after the fact, as no one would be left alive to affect the prosecution. The lack of the recognition of the crime for what it is leaves the leaders of insanity, whoever they are, remaining in power to orchestrate their own version of Nemesis at will, which is presently in progress towards an implementation that is near.

Nuclear War should be the prime U.S. Presidential Election Issue, because it IS the key issue

While nuclear war hasn't even been made an election issue (see: A Vote to Unleash Hell ) the toying with the doom of humanity goes far beyond the scope of an election issue for a president of a single nation. The severity of this Nemesis goes far beyond the scope of democratic processes. It is an issue of the highest crime against  humanity that a nation can commit by preparing for this doom and placing it into the hands of the insane. Ultimately, for society, this is also an issue of arresting the infinite crime that war itself is. (See my video, Arresting the Infinite Crime).

We have Nemesis standing at the door, knocking? If the Planet-X was real, and was speeding towards the Earth the entire world would join hands towards the greatest space effort of all times to divert the planet's orbit away from the Earth. Ironically, when it comes to preventing a vastly greater doom, hardly anyone cares enough to raise a voice of reason or even raise a finger for action towards building a secure human world.

But nuclear war is not the only Nemesis standing at the door as the clock ticks on towards 12-21-12 where great evils are expected happen, which are immanent to happen in the near future. For many decades the world has been dragged ever deeper into the bottomless pit of economic and financial collapse by the escalating gravity of imperial looting and outright blackmail that is now demanding society to lay itself down to die in the maelstrom of hyperinflationary bailout orgies to save the thieves who are killing humanity. (see hyperinflation 1 - hyperinflation 2 - gambling/bailout)

Hyperinflation is a deadly Nemesis that drains whatever savings society has still left. When it blows, the resulting shockwave expands exponentially. No shelter exists or is possible to protect anyone when the chain-reaction expands hyperbolically as in the triggering of a nuclear bomb. This Nemesis can still be prevented with regulatory legislation of which the restoration of the original U.S. Glass Steagall law would be the most minimal beginning. But even this most minimal emergency protection society finds unable to afford itself. There is not enough love left in the hearts of society, of itself and one-another, to protect itself from this horrendous doom. Love is humanity's power. Nemesis says to humanity, you have no power. That's the millstone of mythological fiction.

But Nemesis also has still another face that promises doom. It is the face of the food-burning orgy that is now in progress under the biofuels mandate that society has brought upon itself by its enslavement to the fiction of the global warming doctrine. This orgy of Nemesis is fast developing towards a crisis point as the year 2012 is drawing to a close. While increasing drought conditions and similar bad weather developments have sharply reduced harvests, the burning of food is being forced to increase. And I should add here that this drought is not a local phenomenon, but extends across almost the entire USA, and into other food-critical areas in the northern hemisphere. See U.S. Drought Monitor  More than 750 million people live in areas of the darkest, the most extreme, drought condition. See: World Drought Monitor

What we see unfolding here is evidently a systemic phenomenon of the advancing ice age transition dynamics that are still at the early beginning stage, though the impact is already severe. There is not enough food left even in the rich countries to adequately nourish the population, while the mandate to burn food continues unabated.. The little that remains after meeting the requirement for the burning of food isn't enough to supply the meat and milk production operations. What doesn't physically exist cannot be eaten by people and animals. Consequently thousands of meat and milk production operations are closing their doors for the lack of animal feed grains. 

The meat prices are presently still low as many of the production herds are being slaughtered for the lack of feed to sustain them. But when this source runs out, Nemesis will have her day, and this day comes closer the deeper we get into the winter. All efforts have so far failed stop the burning of food, while the president of doom, the U.S. President Obama, has so far refused to lift the mandate of food-burning to save the remaining stocks, while society has grown so empty of its love of its own humanity that it lets the doom proceed unhindered. That's the ugly face of the real Nemesis. (see: Obama's Food Crisis and Interview with Marcia Baker on the food crisis)

If we compare the modern manmade doom phenomena with the mythical 12-21-2012, Nibiru or Planet X philosophies of doom, we seem to be facing a paradox. Sure, nuclear war, as a phenomenon has the same effect as the mythical Planet X would have resulting from its close encounter with the Earth, or from a direct collision. But here, so it appears, the comparison ends. The paradox is that the comparison is illogical, because, though the result is the same, vastly different processes of causality are involved. One is a manmade doom, while the other is an astrophysical doom. This paradox of apparent causative diversity, creates a second paradox, a paradox upon a paradox, which is, that the radical diversity reflects a common singularity. A single thread exists, and this is a profound one, which ties the nuclear war threat and the Planet X doom-philosophy into one. And this applies to all the doom philosophies. They all insist, each in its way, that the human being is basically impotent. They insist that enormously great forces far beyond the reach of the human beings shape the destiny of humanity, which each of us, one and all, stand helpless against like mindless rocks that cannot control what happens to them. But this is false in ever case. If Planet X was real, its threatened doom could be avoided by early in-flight interventions that re-directs its path. In like manner can nuclear war be avoided by timely intervention to block its path. The driving force is the same in both cases. This force is the force of love for our humanity. It inspires a system of Strategic Defence to protect what is precious and is of great value. The physical footsteps evidently vary from case to case, but the intention and the driving power is the same in every case.

The mythical 12-21-2012 doomsday prediction for the end-day of the Mayan calendar is no different than the Green Movement's doom prediction of an entropic ecological implosion ending the long cycle of human growth, expansion and economic development. The 12-21-2012 doom scenario predicts that from the whirlwind in which everything is becoming destroyed a mysterious renewal of humanity will arise with a higher perception that ushers in a paradise without end. Isn't this the paradise that is promised at the end of the long road of the depopulation of the planet to less than a billion people? In both cases the verdict is the same, that the human being stands impotent against the overwhelming force of nature. But this too is false. 

The human being is not entropic, but creative. No doom awaits us at the end of our continuing development. In fact, the ecological system of nature depends on the power of human development. The world's atmospheric CO2 concentration is presently near the biological starvation level that is too deficient to support the land-based biosphere in the next Ice Age to which the transition has already begun. (See: CO2 deficiency sequence)

Only the power of human intervention can restore the global atmospheric CO2 level to its 'normal' state of 10-fold greater concentration, and save the biosphere from its otherwise inevitable collapse. This too is a part of the system of Strategic Defence to protect what is precious and is of great value. The protection of humanity's agricultural food supply, and the protection of its economic and financial infrastructures, which both require the eradication of empire, are aspects of the Strategic Defense of Humanity that rests on an active universal love of all that we are and are a part of.

This is how we should regard the entire dark doomsday movement of scare philosophies. They are mythological fictions that are conjured up artificially in the shadow of apocalyptic dreaming. 

While no astrophysical dangers exist that threatens our planet and humanity on it, possibly for all times to come, the manmade doomsday dangers are real and are already unfolding, because for the time being the Strategic Defense of Humanity is disallowed by the force of imperial fiction. And this includes those blocking factors against our humanity that allow the movement of nuclear war to proceed.

Shouldn't we rather say STOP and go into the direction of globally assured security and the greatest human development project of all times, such as NAWAPA 22, a project built on new materials, new energy resources, and new technologies with such power that when the next Ice Age begins to devastate evermore of our agriculture all across the northern regions, it wouldn't cause the slightest ripple in civilization, or starvation, or inconvenience, or hardship of any kind whatsoever, nor hinder the continuing unfolding of the by then greatest renaissance in history in all respects, especially on the fields of humanity's love for one-another.

The phenomenon concerning universal love is a rather simple one. The power of the universe is reflected in humanity. We either move with it and live abundantly, or we let go of our humanity as something not worth holding onto, and drift into oblivion on this path. I think the choice should be obvious. And so, I think we will come to love our humanity increasingly as it unfolds evermore.

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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