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The critically needed New NAWAPA (22)

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dynamic escape from fiction to freedom

A comprehensive science exploration begins here of the wide range of religious and historic fiction that are disabling our civilization to the point that an ice age transition renaissance - which is essential for maintaining life on our planet - cannot be realized. The NAWAPA XXII project, proposed here, offers a path to freedom with an endless future. The explorations include Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination; Ten-fold CO2 increase needed; manmade global warming NOT being possible; a New Green Movement emerging; and also Free Electric Energy; a New Industrial Revolution enabling free universal housing, intercontinental floating bridges; floating cities; floating agriculture in the face of the developing drought dynamics, the biofuels holocaust, and the ice age transition now in progress. NAWAPA XXII is a project for world development to create a Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance

The proposed NAWAPA XXII (also referred to as NAWAPA 22) is critical for civilization and universal freedom in the present age where modern society has become enslaved to a wide range of fiction created in the service of empire, and its modern quest of universal domination, looting, depopulation, war, and nuclear war. The exploration of fictions include the Great Pyramids of Egypt; the sexual circumcision; the Abraham legends; Moses and the great exodus that was evidently an expulsion; the fictional Jacob story, universal sex, Hinduism, Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy's response.

Please explore the overview of the wide-ranging subjects that are touched upon here:

The New NAWAPA (22) overview

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