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The Ice Age  Breakout - 1
 Part 1

Dynamics of Care 


We have the world in our hands, and the power to shape it and direct its destiny. But this requires some care.

Much of what we presently cherish is about to disappear for more than 90,000 years (if not forever) under ever deeper blankets of snow that eventually become ice sheets thousands of feet deep. A great loss will occur if this happens, and it will happen unless we care to protect our living heritage that is without doubt the greatest treasure on our planet, which also includes us as a part of it. For this reason we will take the needed steps.

The affected regions north of the 40th parallel are currently the world's prime food production regions. When the production becomes disabled in these regions, the loss occurs over a wide area simultaneously. In such a case we better have an alternate food production infrastructure in place and up and running. The technologies and materials to do this do already exist, and so do the energy resources. Ironically those liberating materials, technologies, and energy resources, that are virtually unlimited, are not even being used. Their development in the present to meet the Ice Age Challenge of the future would create a new renaissance around the world, and a new industrial revolution.


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