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 The Ice Age  Breakout 1
a full length feature presentation 

- From imperial cultural entrapment to freedom -


How do we protect our treasure when the snow no longer melts? How do we protect the living sphere on our planet that we depend on for our very existence, especially the botanical world, the world of plants where nearly all of our food resources are located? Do we develop ourselves scientifically, technologically, and economically to a sufficient degree that we can maintain the physical foundation for our existence on a platform of active continuous development? Passive protection is not possible. It is self-deception.

Right now the needed development is intentionally prevented by the masters of empire who aim to keep humanity small, docile, easily controllable with poverty, impotence, terror and war. Will we be able to break out from this chokehold? On the answer depends the survival of the whole of humanity and civilization. By avoiding this breakout humanity dooms itself. But we don't have to go this route. We do have the power to go into a different direction, a powerfully human direction, and develop the biological sphere, especially the botanical sphere, together with us.

The key to our future is development. Development defines our humanity. Without it we cannot meet the Ice Age Challenge.

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The full-feature video is divided by topics into the following segments  


Part 1

Dynamics of Care 

We have the world in our hands, and the power to shape it and direct its destiny. But this requires some care.

Part 2

Dynamics of Predation (looting)

Beware of the white spider (empire) it loves feeding on bees (humanity). The world calls this an economic system. In real terms it is a collapse system, and intentionally so. We break out from this stranglehold before the Ice Age begins.

Part 3

Dynamics for War

The entire monetarist system of empire has become so extremely volatile by its built-in utter bankruptcy, that a non-collapse is not possible under any circumstances, any leadership, or any government. The most critical challenge for humanity is to break out from this trap. 

Part 4

Dynamics for Depopulation

Obscuring of the Ice Age Challenge with the Global Warming Doctrine is a part of the unfolding end game of the Depopulation Doctrine. Physically and technologically the Ice Age Challenge can be easily met, and will be met once humanity "breathes the free air again" and discovers its power.

Part 5

Dynamics for Freedom

Under the Banner of the Ice Age Challenge "In Truth we Trust" the greatest economic revolution in the history of the world lies before us, with a future of real universal wealth in living.




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