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Ice Age  Precursors
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How close is the return of the Ice Age?

Ice Age Climate Change vs. Global Warming Carbon Politics


No, the Ice Age isn't coming. It is already here. The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years already, with deep glaciation that piles up ice sheets up to 13,000 feet deep that typically cover all of Canada and extend into the northern U.S. States. The cause for the ice age cycles has been poorly understood in the past. Many new discoveries have been made that open up a new perspective of the ice age dynamics and our relationship with it. 

During the last million years the long Ice Age deep freeze has been periodically interrupted with nice warm interglacial holiday periods, like the present one that has run its curse. We now face a return to the normal Ice Age climate for the Earth. This poses some big questions:

  • Are we prepared for the impending return to the normal Ice Age world that is typically 30 times colder than the Little Ice Age had been? 

  • Are we prepared to relocate our endangered agriculture that our food-supply depends on, into areas that the Ice Age cooling cannot reach?

  • Are we prepared to launch the needed industrial revolution for creating infrastructures to meet the Ice Age Challenge that now confronts us?

  • Are we prepared to face reality, with real scientific advances that have been made quietly in the background, rather than to continue dreaming the politically orchestrated dream of global warming that has lulled humanity to sleep for the profits of a few?

These are the types of questions explored in a comprehensive video presentation (links below).

total run time: 2 hr 10 min


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The full-feature video is divided by topics into the following segments  


Part 1

Ice Age Climate - Normal Climate

The Ice Age Climate is the normal climate for the Earth. Our warm period is the anomaly.

Part 2

Ice Age Dynamics vs. mechanistic concepts

Are the Ice Age Cycles mechanistic or dynamic? What about global warming?

Part 3

Cosmic Dynamics - Electrodynamics

Of the four major climate cycles: the 11-year solar cycles; the 100,00-year Ice Age cycles; the long 62 and 145 million year cycles. Are they mechanistic in nature? Electromagnetic dynamic systems are effective over infinite distances.

Part 4

Ice Age Challenge - protecting our food supply

Food production is already deeply affected by our climate that is gradually getting colder. How will we respond when  70% of the world's agriculture becomes simultaneously and rapidly disabled?

Part 5

Political Ice Age Dynamics - Global Warming Politics

While nobody cares to acknowledge the Ice Age challenge, it has ruled the political scene already for 35 years, and this deeply, where it has been acknowledged in a decisive manner.

Part 6

Social Ice Age Dynamics - discovering precursors

Most people are unaware what forces in the physical universe impact their living in the form of floods, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, or just plain cold weather, which affects them right down to the prices on the grocery shelf. Nor are they aware of the options that exist to avoid the resulting tragedies. 

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