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The Earth has seen four major ice age periods in the last half a billion years of its history. The current ice age period is one of these. Early on in this period Antarctica froze over, then thawed out again, and froze over once more, which was followed by the glaciation of Greenland as the Earth was getting increasingly colder. In the last two million years the cyclical glaciation of the northern hemisphere began that in the last half a million years became interrupted by brief interglacial warm periods. We live in the end-phase of the last of those periods. The entire development of what we call civilization occurred in this last 'brief' holiday from the cold, which is an anomaly. The Earth normal climate is typically 30 times colder than the Little Ice Age in the 1600s had been. This is what we are now heading into. 

Since the resuming glaciation climate - our normal climate - will massively alter the landscape on earth, it becomes essential to discover what forces are causing the ice age cycles so that we can prepare our world for the consequences of large areas of the Northern Hemisphere becoming frozen over with snow accumulates into ice sheets.  Its is critical for us all to understand the dynamics if this system , because long before the ice sheets begin to develop agriculture becomes disabled in the polar regions all the way to the 40 degree latitudes.

This video is designed as overview exploration of the dynamics that cause the ice ages, how we can escape the consequences, and how ill-prepared we presently are to do so.

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