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New Ice Age Ahead



New Ice Age Ahead - Part 1 - The Scientific Case

Overview - The scientific case for recognizing the astrophysical electrodynamic factors for the near return of the Ice Age glaciation climate, many times colder than the Little Ice Age had been, as our interglacial pulse is ending. Our entire world will change 'forever' as the interglacial world is ending, the only world we've known.

Subjects: "New Ice Age" historic "ice ages" "ice core" Greenland Antarctica "electric Sun" heliosphere plasma "solar system" interglacial pulse "Alpha Centauri" "plasma universe" interstellar electricity

New Ice Age Ahead - Part 2 - The Political Challenge

Overview - The political challenge and blocking factors on the road to creating a dynamic New World Development renaissance in the face of the already approaching New Ice Age

Subjects: "New Ice Age" "world development" "free houses" "floating agriculture" basalt "industrial revolution" "bio fuels" genocide empire starvation famine agriculture "floating cities" God


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