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Ice Age Precursors



Ice Age Precursors 1 - Ice Age Climate Normal Climate

We live in an Ice Age, the Pleistocene, global warming is a deception, the normal glaciation climate is near, global cooling is the real climate change.

Subjects: "Ice Age" "global warming" educational "ice sheets" deception Holocene Pleistocene "cosmic rays" "global cooling" "Ice Age now"

Ice Age Precursors 2 - Global Warming Folly

Man-made global warming is not possible. Not CO2 or carbon greenhouse gases, but changing cosmic ray density by the changing solar heliosphere causes the real climate change on Earth, which is in a cooling trend, because of increased cloud formation.

Subjects: "Ice Age" "global warming" CO2 "greenhouse gases" heliosphere "carbon gases" "ice age cycles" "solar wind" "global cooling" change electrodynamic climate "cosmic rays" "cosmic radiation" "electric density" environment mechanistic dynamic "orbital cycles"

Ice Age Dynamics vs Mechanistic Concepts and Oligarchic Doctrines

The scientific steps past the Anthropogenic CO2 scare, commonly known as man-made global warming doctrine. The video opens the scene to some of the most basic of real climate factors that actually affect the global climate more powerfully than all the climate change doctrines presently envision.

"ice age" precursors CO2 "Global Warming" "Carbon Dioxide" "Climate Change" galactic "cosmic rays" cloudiness "electric sun" plasma electric "solar wind" "bio fuels" holocaust

Ice Age Precursors 3 - Our Plasma-Electric Universe  

We live in an electric plasma universe. Ice Age cycles are electric-intensity discharge cycles resonant in our galaxy, like the dump bucket. Plasma powers of our electric Sun. Its density affects our climate. 99.999% of the mass of the universe is electric plasma. Its electric force powers the galaxy, the solar system, and our climate change on earth and gives us the ice ages. Our future rests with ice age agriculture.

Subjects: "electric Sun" plasma "electric force" "ice age cycles" "electric cycles" galaxy "galactic resonance" "dump bucket" "climate change" "ice age agriculture" "global water transfer" "floating bridges" intercontinental "floating agriculture" "nuclear power"

Ice Age Precursors 4 - Gravity only a local effect  

Gravity is a local force operating solar systems. Galaxies are operating by the electric force with intergalactic connections that have long cycles from which the Ice Age Epoch resulted. We are now challenged to protect and relocate most of our global food agriculture.

Subjects: gravity "electric force" basalt "global water transfer" intercontinental "floating bridges" "floating agriculture" "nuclear power" "free housing" thorium nuclear power LFTR MSR extinction "human journey"

Ice Age Precursors 5 - Electricity that powers the Sun

The Earth is rich in building materials, thorium nuclear power, and is afloat in a sea of cosmic electric power that is denied to even exist, all in order to prevent global economic and cultural development under the Fabian and H. G. Wells doctrine designed to block scientific and human development.

Subjects: "electric sun" Fabian "cosmic electricity" basalt "industrial revolution" "H. G. Wells" "Time Machine" bio-fuels genocide NSSM200 starvation homelessness "rent slavery" "free housing" "global warming holocaust" educational power energy solar

Ice Age Precursors 6 - To get Truth off the Ground  

Tens of thousands in the scientific community have been fighting for the truth in opposition to the global warming doctrine and scientific lies. Global opposition drives, movements, and projects, have been spanning decades

Subjects: "global warming opposition" "Kyoto opposition" "Rio Earth Summit" "Optimum Population Trust" depopulation "global warming" Copenhagen lies fraud "Senate report" educational climate politics

Ice Age Precursors 7- Effects of the weakening heliosphere

The heliosphere is getting weaker, whereby the Earth is getting colder. The effects measured by NASA's ULYSSES probe are also seen in the geomagnetic AP index, which too is getting weaker, corresponding with increased tornadoes. Can we afford to gamble that the cooling trend will reverse itself, and not respond, while our existence is at stake?

Subjects: ULYSSES planetary "AP index" "magnetic field" "electric effect" heliosphere "50-year low" electric tornadoes hurricanes interglacial "Little Ice Age" "ice Age Challenge" "Ice Age Renaissance" imperative

Combined Closing

Ice Age Precursors and Breakout 13- Our Intention

Surviving the coming Ice Age is not a question of resources or technologies. We have all those already. It is a question of Intention, the intention to prepare out world for it, our agriculture, our economics, to build the infrastructures for our survival in an Ice Age Renaissance. 

Subjects: "ice age challenge" "ice age renaissance" survival extinction "ice age" cultural creative productive intention


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