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Ice Age Breakout 8 - Subliminal Control

Empire created a subliminal weapon to entangle humanity's spirit, its science, its quest for truth, and its humanity. The Roman church was shaped into an agent for humanity self-destruction from within, and without the destruction of science, discovery, knowledge, and truth itself. This is one trap humanity needs to break out of, a breakout from empire on all fronts. The Ice Age Challenge demands this breakout.

Rome Christianity perversion subliminal "religious indoctrination" empire "Christian cross" "Roman iconography" "New Testament" "historic fiction" "library of Alexandria" "Angora" "Christ Jesus" "Islamic renaissance" history documentary culture

Ice Age Breakout 9 - Revolutions and Holocausts

In the hands of empire revolutions become holocausts. The first breakout from this trap was the American Revolution by a society that stood tall with the renaissance crown on its head, of its self-discovery as human beings. It succeeded were others ended in tragedy. The Ice Age Challenge might be big enough to inspire humanity to take up its crown once more.

Subjects: "American Revolution" crown Renaissance self-discovery "Renaissance crown" "cross and crown" "Mary Baker Eddy" "Russian Revolution" "Gandhi Revolution" "Mao Zedong" "Chinese Revolution" "LaRouche" understanding empire "imperial cross" China history documentary

Ice Age Breakout 10 - Biofuels Holocaust

Bio-fuels are designed to deliver the greatest starvation holocaust of all times, all in the name of CO2 that the world is starving of instead of having too much of it. Society has been pressed into an empty revolution that is killing it, like the French Revolution that was betrayed by little minds and compromises. It failed to wear its crown, which is fatal in an ice age world.

"French Revolution" empty evolution "economic collapse" "sledge hammer" economics LaRouche "Mary Baker Eddy" "cross and crown" "symbol of freedom" "ice age" challenge "American Revolution"

Ice Age Breakout 11 - Back to Reality Economics

In Olympic competition only single winner stands at the end with a trail of the defeated in the wake. That's empire economics. But civilization demands that all must win. That's Reality Economics where all do win, as we must if we are to master the Ice Age Challenge. The difference between the two is a difference of intention. Do we intend to survive? This determines the path.

Subjects: "reality principle" "looting process" "Olympic economics" monetarism "credit society" economics "wealth creating" production "wealth destroying" speculation "Glass Steagall" bailout collapse credit building "ice age imperative" "ice age" crown "crowning Glass Steagall" educational

Ice Age Breakout 12 - Glass Steagall Gateway to Reality Economics

A revolution for civilization. If Glass Steagall is to reinstate the protection of society, the focus is to small. It it is to put the crown on humanity with free universal housing as a start, the society will step up to it in order to step beyond it. This may be termed breaking out to reality with a 100-000 fold economic gain.

"Mt. Everest" economics "Glass Steagall" breakout civilization revolution universal "free housing" "industrial automation" basalt "nuclear power" "ice age challenge" "human asset" floating "world city" "space electricity" "ice age" renaissance

Combined Closing

Ice Age Precursors and Breakout 13 - Our Intention

Surviving the coming Ice Age is not a question of resources or technologies. We have all those already. It is a question of Intention, the intention to prepare out world for it, our agriculture, our economics, to build the infrastructures for our survival in an Ice Age Renaissance. 

Subjects: "ice age challenge" "ice age renaissance" survival extinction "ice age" cultural creative productive intention


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