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Ice Age Breakout 1 - Protecting our Precious

When the ice age transition begins, much of our precious biological world will disappear unless we care to protect it by activating the subtropical deserts to become our bread garden with water from the outflow of the great rivers flowing across the oceans in floating arteries that we have the capacity to create, or by floating agriculture on the tropical oceans. This is what living green means in an ice age world.

Subjects: "Sahara desert" Amazon Congo river "floating agriculture" "human world" "intercontinental bridges" automated industrial production "indoor agriculture" "food wars" "ice age" glaciation permafrost water garden green "living green"

Ice Age Breakout 2 - Empire Vampire

Empire is a vampire. By it civilization is doomed and the infrastructures for an ice age world cannot be built. Our ice age survival depends on breaking out of the looting stranglehold by empire. This means understanding the options: death by empire, or freedom and prosperity by real economics?

Subjects: empire vampire bailout "Strauss Kahn" derivatives casino "economic collapse" "financial crisis" monetarism "credit society" "real economics" "America system" economics LaRouche "triple curve" "super bailout"

Ice Age Breakout 3 - Empire Wars

Empire wars have become depleted uranium wars that kill forever with deadly airborne radioactive pollution that spreads globally and when inhaled destroys DNA, causing over 90 diseases. The intention is to increase this death 100-fold. We won't survive long enough to see the return of the ice age if we cannot break out from this trap.

Subjects: "depleted uranium" uranium "nuclear radiation" airborne DU "DU weapons" "DU war" cancer diabetes "birth defects" "100-fold" "nuclear radiation" "alpha radiation" "beta radiation" "gamma radiation" "neutron radiation" "DU bombs" "internal radiation" killing insects birds bees people "atomic gas war" "super weapon"

Ice Age Breakout 4 - Clean nuclear power Dirty uranium wars

In the entire history of nuclear power far fewer people have suffered from radioactive exposure than have suffered from the effects of other forms of energy production. Compare their minuscule numbers with the millions worldwide who have their life destroyed with vaporized radiation from depleted uranium weapons, and it becomes apparent why we have to break out of this trap, especially with ice age challenge before us.

Subjects: "safe nuclear power" "dirty uranium bombs" "lung cancer" diabetes six-fold Iran Israel "North Korea" "repatriated pollution" Kuwait "ice age" "ice age challenge" "vaporized radiation" "gas war" radioactive "depleted uranium" munitions ban

Ice Age Breakout 5 - Silent Spring

Humanity is not a herd of cattle that destroys its pasture. We are creators and producers. We create our own resources for living that are not limited by nature. But living under empire, our freedom to create is being destroyed, just as the natural environment is destroyed with its uranium wars. It is time to break out from this trap or else the next Ice Age will find a silent wold without a human voice to be heard.

Subjects: "silent spring" "silent world" depopulation Ortes "Venetian empire" Cairo UN "depopulation conference" OPT "optimum population trust" genocide "Bertrand Russel" "Prince Philip" "burning food"

Ice Age Breakout 6 - Genocidal Lies

Underdevelopment is the death-load of humanity. Many of the billion people starving in the world are farmers, deprived of development. A developed farmer produces 2000 times the volume per acre. The world is not over populated, but under developed. We haven't really begun to develop. Humanity is choked with lies, especially the deadly CO2 lies, that are killing it. We need to break out from this train to hell, the empire train, as a first step towards meeting the ice age challenge, or else no one will survive.

Subject: "CO2 lies" CO2 under-development environmentalism monetarism globalism "atmospheric CO2" "CO2 starved" scientific deception "hokey stick" "oceanic CO2" "dissolved CO2" over-population

Ice Age Breakout 7 - In Lies We Trust

Decades of lies about CO2 and climate change as a weapon to control humanity and choke its natural destiny, imposing starvation, genocide. But the lies have been known from from the start, to have been lies, as the truth was known. A breakout from this trap demands a renaissance of culture, which the great demand of the Ice Age Challenge may inspire, with the banner: In Truth We Trust. 

Subjects: "climate lies" "CO2 lies" "CO2 lean" "CO2 starved" "CO2 deficiency" cultural renaissance "industrial revolution" new agriculture cities dynamics humanity environment documentary


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