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by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

You state that "The political fight that the American Economist Lyndon LaRouche has been leading for more than a decade to get Glass Steagall reinstated, is focused on breaking America away from the collapse process at point C where we are presently at, where we still have the strength to meet the Ice Age Challenge, but he too seeks a compromise that merely separates predation out, rather than building a New World on the underlying principle of civilization. He speaks the words that man is not an animal, but falls short of demanding a new world to be build on the platform of our humanity".
Rachel Brown, a candidate for Congress and a LaRouche supporter, repeats what LaRouche has stated:

"Implementing the Glass-Steagall now will shut down Wall St., forcing a bankruptcy process of all financial institutions, and outlawing speculative activity if a bank is to get Federal support."

Isn't this a good enough first step?

Reply: (Sept. 8, 2011)

This is an excellent first step, we have all been fighting on the ground, some of us for as long as LaRouche has. How long has it been, half a dozen years, maybe more, with no breakthrough to show for. Glass Steagall remains rescinded. We blame everybody else for not acting. It appears that we need to raise the bar for ourselves. The simple truth is that predatory action, of whatever sort, is incompatible with civilization. We tend to compromise on this challenging truth; I have. It may seem impractical to raise the bar, but if we don't, we will likely suffer far more than just hyperinflation. I think the higher imperative, which the ice age challenge puts before us, though we don't know the exact date when it materializes, should be the driving force, and it demands of us to stop playing these animal, predatory games of speculative finance.

  LaRouche is the most advanced on this issue, but he has not spelled out the higher principle on which we must win our liberty. Rachel is doing a fine job. It is up to us all to raise the issue to the level of the highest principle and let the practicality catch up. The reason why Glass Steagall is failing is likely that we have not raised the issue high enough so that LaRouche can stage a practical fight on that level.    

That's challenging, isn't it?

I am sure you have seen this website
"An Environmental Island Floating on the Equatorial Pacific
A city that grows just like a lily floating on the water.
A city of the equatorial region where sunlight is plentiful and the impact of typhoons is minimal."

I was looking for floating permaculture when I came upon it. It seems to validate what you are proposing. I would like to see you provide the infrastructure for this dream with your basic basalt materials and thorium reactors.

Reply: (September 8, 2011)

There is enough basalt on the planet in surface deposits to cover the entire land area 30 feet deep, and enough thorium in the USA alone in known deposits for 900,000 gigawatt years. What we do with it is up to us. We can leave it sitting on the ground or build with the infrastructures that can get us through the next Ice Age. Animals wouldn't think of doing this, but we have the capacity to make it a reality.   The lily city is a dream. When the climate transition disables much of our agriculture, we need a replacement to feed upwards to 4 billion people. That's the challenge. It can be met. Hopefully we start before it is too late.



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