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Global warming is a political plot

That manmade global warming is a political plot hatched in the workshops of empire as an element of the ongoing war of the system of empire against humanity, is evident by the timing when it was first introduced, which occurred in parallel with two other major genocidal assaults on humanity. While everyone of the three projects fell far short in destructive effects from what has been intended, the result nevertheless adds up the hundreds of millions of corpses laid onto the imperial altar of world depopulation. Since the Global Warming project proved to be the most destructive of the three, it is promoted furiously once again in the shadow of the collapsing imperial financial system, with Russia, China, and India being targeted. CO2 is merely hyped up in this context as a whipping boy, a type of mythological villain, while the real target is the destruction of humanity and its power to live. The drought is now drawn into this deadly context for which the same whipping boy is deployed again.


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