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The Unique Nature of the Water Molecule

** The Unique Nature of the Water Molecule

A water molecule is a combination of an oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms attached. The electron sharing between the three atoms creates an asymmetry in their attachment to each other. As the result of the asymmetry the oxygen atom receives a slight negative electric appearance, and the hydrogen atoms a positive appearance. By the resulting electric bi-polarity all water molecules become electrically attached to one another at close proximity. They remain isolated only as water vapor, and only when the water-vapor density in the atmosphere is low. At this stage, water in the atmosphere is invisible. This is so, because when the water-vapor density is low in the atmosphere, their electric attraction between the molecules is too weak to have an effect. Consequently the molecules remain isolated and invisible.

A wide range of factors affect the attachment of the water molecules to one another. The air temperature is one of these factors. When the temperature is low, the water molecules are more at rest and thereby more able to attract one another.


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