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Rape, and war for stealing

"The proof lies in the tragedies of war," he would say to us today. "Rape, and war for stealing, have become a concurrent tragedy. Both are still rooted in small-minded thinking and attitudes. In both rape and quests for war, for stealing, the moral barriers become suspended. The protecting prohibitions become lifted. The spiritual nature of humanity is denied. It is trampled under foot. The dynamics of spiritual intimacies break down. 

In the resulting desert of spiritual poverty the outcome is often brutal rape and murder on a vast scale that soldiers historically are encouraged to commit for political effects, or get away with in war as easily as the elders of my time got away with, as the Susanna story has unmasked.

In war, rape, even lies about rape to encourage war, are all too often monumental in numbers, brutal in execution, tearing the divine face of humanity the shred in mindless fascism on a senseless path. 

The war statistics present such a horrid face of humanity that no one wants to acknowledge them. This too, is reflected in the Susanna story."


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