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You hypocrites!

He would likely have said to the accusers of the woman before him, "you hypocrites! Have you not read the law? Moses demands high on the list: Do not kill! The stones that you would throw at this woman, you would throw at the heart of God. I cannot believe that you can be so insane that you intend this.

"You hypocrites! You should be on trial here, instead of this woman. How do you read in the law of Moses? Moses demands, do not covet, do not steal. Every one of you tramples on this law. You have become masters of greed, each in his own way. As businessmen you float in a sea of stolen loot that you call profit. You give yourself incomes a thousand times larger than you let your workers have. You have circumcised your humanity and exiled yourself from the presence of God as Adam had done.

"You hypocrites! Have you not read in the law of Moses that it is an offence against God to speak untruthfully with intention? How many lies do you speak every day? You know that are lying when you say to me that Moses demands that this woman be killed. You speak Levitious lies that you to be lies, which have been falsely attributed to Moses.

"You hypocrites! Have you not read in the real law of Moses, regarding adultery, that the law demands that one should not break the bonds that love has forged? This means that you should honour such bonds, as bonds of love that reflect divine Love. Instead of honouring God in this manner, you come with eager eyes, wishing to throw stones at the love that reflects God.

"Why would you choose to live as hypocrites before God? Have you not read in the law of Moses that the first and foremost demand on the law is that you love God with all your heart and soul, including in all aspects that reflect God in humanity? You are making a mockery of this law before me, before God, and before your children and your children's children. Let them be your judges."

Most likely this kind of speech would have cleared the floor with no one but him and the woman remaining.


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