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Execution by stoning

Execution by stoning is a collective form of execution in which, theoretically, the burden of killing is shared in a manner that not a single person can be identified as the killer. 

In reality, all would feel the pain, and this by intention. The torturing tares into the soul. Stoning is a form of execution by torture. Death comes extremely slowly, agonizingly, and this evidently intentionally so. When collective participation is implemented on this platform, which is demanded, the process of slowly torturing a person to death tares down the natural sense of humanity across society. It enables fascist control of it. 

The process of murdering by torture had evidently nothing to do with justice. It was required for political dominance. In order to maintain the dominance a flow of victims is required to serve the desired objectives. The needed flow of victims is evidently easily assured by instigating sexual laws that are sure to be broken in a circumcised society in which the foundation for natural intimate relationships has been already wrecked.


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