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Call no man your father on earth

That those might have been the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth, is evident in his later theology. His birth in the academy might have inspired one of his most profound statements, "Call no man your father on earth, because one is your Father, which is in heaven." 

He might have added that the concept of personal parentage is built on such a minuscule fringe event that it is not worth the mention, and that 99.999% of the process unfolds without anyone's volition by an imperative that is infinitely greater than anyone of us - a process that is intelligent, harmonizing, perfect, spiritual in nature, and is in short the expression of divine Principle, the creative expression of infinite Spirit. And here Jesus might have added too, that the parent Mind sustains its offspring, which may have laid the foundation for his healing work.

He might have explained further that the spiritual process of sexual intimacy, the sacrament that unfolds the senses of the Soul, is a key element in the social dynamics that forges the necessary bonding between people as a foundation for the extended caring for one-another by which the offspring's success is assured.


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