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Johannes Kepler would cry

The great astronomer, Johannes Kepler of the early 1600s, who put science on the map as a rigorous discipline, would cry in his grave if he could hear us today spinning the yarn of such absurd notions as orbiting stars, and of the density-wave theory that is dreamed up as an epicycle to make the absurdity seem plausible. Kepler would cry, "have you learned nothing from me?" Why do you violate my name so brutally as to suggest that the stars in the galactic plane are orbiting around the galactic center, which is physically impossible by the laws of orbital motions that I have spent a lifetime to discover for you? The relationship of orbital distances versus orbital-velocity, which is inherent in all orbital motions, is not physically possible on the galactic scale even with all the epicycles added that astronomers like to apply. Thus, the actually measured evidence in stellar motions disproves the orbital theory."


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