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What does this all mean?

What does this all mean? It means for us that with the galactic plasma density being at a historic low point, the interstellar resonance that draws its plasma from the galactic environment, drops for long periods below the minimal threshold line that determines the plasma density that is required for the Sun to remain active. When the plasma density diminishes below the threshold line, an Ice Age glaciation period begins. The glaciation period typically lasts for 90,000 years. All evidence tells us that the Earth is presently in the boundary zone towards the Sun going inactive and for the next Ice Age to begin, which is likely to occur in roughly 30 years going into the 2050s. 

The process that is unfolding here is similar to what we see happening in economics that is in a transition towards total collapse that happens when the threshold line is crossed. In the solar system the plasma weakening is only minutely felt. A system of internal regulation that is reflected in the solar-wind pressure, keeps the solar fusion process operating steadily to within a fraction of a percent of its output level. But when the reserves for this built-in regulating system become exhausted, the entire process disintegrates in a chain-reaction collapse. At this point the dynamic primer fields collapse that focus plasma onto the Sun.


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