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On the enormous scale

On the enormous scale, 99.999% of the mass of the Universe exists as plasma and is electric in nature, so that it interacts with the electric force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the force of gravity.

 Atomic mass is extremely rare in the Universe. Only the planets and asteroids of solar systems are atomic in nature, and the fusion products of their respective sun. The remaining 99.999% of the universe is plasma. Streams of plasma in the universe are moved by the electric force, by which they extend across near infinite distances.

The force of gravity, in contrast is a field-force that diminishes with the square of the distance, because at double the distance, a gravitational field acts on a 4 times larger area. The force of gravity diminishes thereby so rapidly that it plays no role at all beyond the stellar cradle on, the immensely vast galactic scene. 


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