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Brighter than the Sun

Against this background I would like to present the first chapter of my novel, "Brighter than the Sun."

The chapter presents a hypothetical story that deals with the patriotic issue and its danger when patriotism becomes modulated with the conspiracies of insanity. The chapter of the novel is focused on a man that I named, Boris Mikheyev. What stands behind the story, however, the murky world of lies and conspiracies that pervade the modern world in the service of empire, is not addressed in this first chapter, but unfolds in the 11th chapter, named "The Trial of Boris Mikheyev."

Conspiracies and lies are the hallmarks in the Great Game of empires. The players that are caught up in the game are seldom aware of the types of movements they are coerced to facilitate. These games are traps then, that are easily sprung on the unaware, which even includes presidents and kings and the most noble patriots. All are thereby vulnerable.In this wider sense. The story of Boris Mikheyev can be seen to stand in metaphor for many a little man in high position of power who has been infected with the virus of royal insanity, who thereby bows to acts of utter inhumanity that a free, alert, normal human being would never dream of committing, but which the trained puppy dogs on a string have been conditioned to commit with certainty. There may be many candidates in high offices and royal halls who qualify for this description, who have become boxed in by conspiracies and lies to the point that they are no longer in control of themselves.


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