Transcript for scene 35 of the video " The 70th Anniversary of Nuclear War" by Rolf Witzsche  

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The only real enemy that we face

The only real enemy that we face is the cultivated smallness in thinking that bids us to serve as pawns in world-empire games for which the nuclear war supreme terror-threat has been invented in the first place, and has been maintained for 70 years.

We should be the patriots, collectively, that liberate us from this terror, and from the related terrors of depopulation, food burning, and the financial looting of the world that drives the processes for war. The actions of individual patriots cannot carry this burden for us, because they are not immune to the conspiracies of empire, the fog of lies, and are exposed to dehumanized reactions of the heart-wrenching fear that the terror orgies are intended for, to disable resistance in society and assure compliance.


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