Transcript for scene 32 of the video " The 70th Anniversary of Nuclear War" by Rolf Witzsche  

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Society, should be active keepers of our world

We, the human society, should be intensely active keepers of our world. We should protect our world and one another, because this world and one-another is all that we've got that really matters.

The power of our humanity, the dynamic impetus of the human soul, should never have allowed a single atom bomb to be produced, and should, for the same reason, impel us today to eradicate all nuclear weapons universally and dismantle the forces and organizations that wield them, and remove the leaders from power who deploy them.

We, the society of human beings, should be the patriots that actively secure our living and our world. Our world reflects not historic trends, but the immediacy of the now, and our action or inaction in the now. We, the great society of humanity, are the actors in this world. We live here. We build this world into what it is, and do this day by day. When we change direction, the world will change.


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