Transcript for scene 10 of the video " The 70th Anniversary of Nuclear War" by Rolf Witzsche  

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A terrifyingly dangerous game

With this a new game has begun. It is a terrifyingly dangerous game that now has a large number of players participating. The result that we now have before us, is that the slightest miscalculation in the game plan, from the lowest ranks all the way up to the American President, could unleash Armageddon and ends with the extinction of humanity as a whole.

Evermore people now come to realize that unless the leaders in the West that drive this insane and unpredictable game, are removed from power, the chance for humanity to survive on this planet is exceedingly slim.

The timing too, is critical here. It was likely a deliberate decision for the atomic bombing of Japan to be delayed to the beginning of August when the President is alone at home and Congress is on vacation. The starting gate for the big World Wars, was likewise centered on August, within a day or two. Hence the phrase has been coined, "the guns of August."


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