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Equal to 500,000 Hiroshima-type blasts

All this means that our human world is presently facing a deployed destructive force of potentially equal to 500,000 Hiroshima-type blasts.

Since the Soviet Union dissolved itself in 1991, it no longer exists as a target. Consequently the target has been redefined to be Russia and China, which are now militarily defined as the #1 enemy of the West, with probably India likewise. The openly stated goal of the imperial game, is to force the targeted nations to surrender themselves to the will of the western world dictatorship, or for them to be destroyed.

T wards the new objective, the mode of the strategic game has changed somewhat in the 70 years since the atomic threats were first thrust upon the world.

The goal that the imperial club pursues, which includes the American government has committed itself to, is no longer just to maintain a balance of peace under the old Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine. The new declared goal of the western strategic empire, that America as a NATO member is a part of, is now to decisively win a first strike nuclear blitz on the battle field. 


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