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Plasma Astrophysics #13: Science against Science



- 1 - We are at a state of war, a war in which science is pitted against science
- 2 - It all began innocently in the late 1800s
- 3 - The goal was to discover the forces of the universe that cause the amazing light show of the Aurora Borealis
- 4 - He even set up a laboratory experiment, to explore how electric plasma streams interact with a magnetic sphere
- 5 - The promise of a cosmic-electric energy resource evidently didn't sit well with the ruling imperial elite
- 6 - The British writer H.G. Wells, one of the elite's own, became an actor in this war
- 7 - H. G. Wells worked through the back door. He wrote a novel about a time-traveler
- 8 - In the 1920s a discussion began among the elite as to what to do with science
- 9 - It was shortly after the 1920's, that the Big-Bang cosmology theory became invented
- 10 - The theory is build on the red-shift effect in light from distant objects
- 11 - The reality is, that light is not a wave, but consist of 'photon-energy' packets of different sizes
- 12 - When light travels over long distances, energy depletion enlarges the size of the photon packets
- 13 - The violet package, becomes transformed into a blue package as the result of energy depletion
- 14 - When Hannes Alfven, received the Nobel Price for his pioneering work on magnetohydrodynamics
- 15 - Hannes Alfven was likely the first scientist to create a theoretical model of a plasma-electric galaxy
- 16 - In parallel with the Big Bang promotion, a new science perversion was launched in 1975 as the Manmade Global Warming theory
- 17 - Anyone with an interest in real climate science would have known in 1975 that the great global warming had already ended
- 18 - The up-ramped Sun, which broke the Little Ice Age of the 1600, gave us a long period of global warming
- 19 - Many of the scare tales of the Earth getting warmer are built on evidence from that period
- 20 - But this is all history now. Solar activity is diminishing fast, and the Earth is cooling
- 21 - Tens of thousands of concerned scientists have put their name down in protest against the fictions.
- 22 - The problem with the historic protests against Manmade Climate Change, is that the protestors are protesting against fiction
- 23 - Very few of the climate protestors pointed to the Plasma Sun and its dynamics as the cause for climate changes
- 24 - Some day, when the wars between the sciences become resolved, based on reality
- 25 - At this stage, humanity becomes free to build itself the needed infrastructures

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