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Plasma Astrophysics #12: Cosmic Electric Energy



- 1 - We will likely never run out of hydro-carbon energy resources, such as gas and oil
- 2 - In the long span of human development on Earth, across more than 2 million years
- 3 - The dawn of the period of civilization began roughly 6,000 years ago
- 4 - The only reasonable answer to this puzzle is found in Plasma Astrophysics
- 5 - A few steps of advanced science can take us a long way along this path
- 6 - The bands exist at roughly the same altitude of the aurora phenomena in the polar regions
- 7 - The strong electron density in the upper ionosphere
- 8 - Sprites are electromagnetic phenomena that furnish a focused electron connection
- 9 - The discharge from a sprite appears to be large enough to activate a wide field of lightning events
- 10 - A high-speed camera has observed the sprite to unfold downward
- 11 - On Earth 1.4 billion lightning strikes occur every year
- 12 - If one looks to lightning for an answer, the answer is disappointing
- 13 - However, if one looks to the tropical hurricanes the outlook changes dramatically
- 14 - The tropical cyclones form when conditions are created that establish an electrical connection
- 15 - The magnetically self-rotating feature of large plasma currents
- 16 - The hurricane bands are located essentially in the locations where the electrojets are flowing
- 17 - Hurricanes are an immensely more-energetic and long lasting phenomena than lightning strikes
- 18 - This type of vast power is evidently drawn from the ionosphere
- 19 - In the ionosphere, atoms of iron exist that had been flowing in from the Sun
- 20 - The end-result is that the ionosphere becomes a zone of dense electricity floating about
- 21 - It thereby becomes a rotating stream of a circular structure of electric filaments
- 22 - The eye of a hurricane is evidently created and maintained by effects of magnetohydrodynamics.
- 23 - Hannes Alfven, received the 1972 Nobel price for his work on magnetohydrodynamics
- 24 - On the cosmic scale, magnetohydrodynamics provides the mechanics
- 25 - None-electrical processes appear to be incapable of producing this kind of phenomenon
- 26 - That hurricanes are powered by cosmic electric energy, and that this energy is activated by solar cosmic-ray flux
- 27 - In the earlier historic period from 1949 to 1960, between 3 and 11 hurricanes occurred per year
- 28 - Giant phenomena on the scale of a category-5 hurricane are not surprising in plasma dynamics
- 29 - The sheer magnitude of the hurricane phenomenon makes it a prime candidate
- 30 - In Plasma Astrophysics the fast rotating core of a tornado or hurricane
- 31 - The electro-jets exist as two separate bands aligned with the magnetic equator
- 32 - When solar winds flow onto the Earth, they do so primarily over the polar regions
- 33 - The plasma that flows into the polar regions has some of its electrons stripped off by interactions
- 34 - However, the electrojets by themselves cannot start a hurricane
- 35 - Only the big cloud structures that flow out of the core, rotate in the same direction in both hemispheres
- 36 - And the best way to start the process, is to recognize that the cosmic energy resource exists
- 37 - Some work has already been done towards the practical utilization of cosmic energy resources
- 38 - With cosmic-ray flux now increasing, as we are getting near to the next Ice Age
- 39 - According to Berillium-10 isotope ratios the cosmic-ray volume will be increasing still further when we get into the next Ice Age
- 40 - But long before we get to this stage, Nuclear Energy production will cease
- 41 - Likewise, oil, gas, and coal will never be burned again then, to generate electricity
- 42 - Even the dreaming of nuclear-fusion energy production will fall by the wayside then
- 43 - A whole new way of thinking, and of actually building a new world, will then become possible

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