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Plasma Astrophysics #10: Cosmic-Rays and Metaphysics



- 1 - Not all of the effects in Plasma Astrophysics, are physically measurable
- 2 - The periods of high rates of cosmic-ray flux are typically cold periods
- 3 - Increased cloudiness reflects an increasing portion of solar energy back into space
- 4 - The surprise begins when a coincidence becomes apparent between the cosmic-ray-rich cold periods
- 5 - It was during the coldest of these cold periods, the periods of the Little Ice Age
- 6 - The dawn of the nation-state principle occurred in the cold period following the Little Ice Age
- 7 - Inversely, during the peak warm periods with lean cosmic-ray flux the big historic wars had erupted
- 8 - How is it possible that cultural phenomena occurred as effects in Plasma Astrophysics?
- 9 - Cosmic-ray protons generate by magnetic induction a minuscule electric current
- 10 - It might well be that cosmic-ray induction had enabled the types of neurological developments by which we became what we are
- 11 - The now increasing cosmic-ray showers may enable us to finally terminate the phenomenon of war on Earth
- 12 - The nuclear war tragedy had been developed during the cosmic-ray lean times
- 13 - Now, that the cosmic-ray rich times are upon us, peace may finally be achieved in the near future,
- 14 - Our future will be bright if we develop the potential that is now unfolding before us

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