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Plasma Astrophysics #9: Cosmophysical Factors



- 1 - How do we know that the rapidly increasing cosmic-ray flux is coming from the Sun ?
- 2 - A part of the evidence is found in historic Berillium-10 ratios.
- 3 - Extraordinary evidence that the cosmic-ray flux that affects the Earth is of solar origin
- 4 - Berillium-10 cycles provide extraordinary measured proof for this amazing fact
- 5 - How large the effect of solar cosmic-ray flux can be, is evident in a reaction experiment
- 6 - Described in the book 'Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Processes
- 7 - When Voyager-1 crossed the boundary of the heliosphere
- 8 - Voyager-1 had measured a 35% increase in cosmic-ray flux as it entered interstellar space
- 9 - The 35% amount is minuscule in comparison with the enormously large fluctuations
- 10 - Another proof is evident in measurements of Beryllium ratios in ice cores
- 11 - We have to look no further than the Sun, for what is affecting the climate on Earth
- 12 - We on Earth, are too well shielded from galactic flux, by us being located deep within the heliosphere

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