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Plasma Astrophysics #8: Earth's Plasma Core



- 1 - An amazing theory presents itself about how the Earth was formed
- 2 - The plasma core theory places the Earth into the context of electro-magnetic dynamics
- 3 - No mechanistic principles would cause the planet's orbital distances to expand in a geometric progression
- 4 - The individual planet's size and mass is evidently not a factor
- 5 - Kepler had recognized that the distance of the orbits is determined never by mass itself
- 6 - Kepler was astonished by the ordered geometric progression of the orbits
- 7 - Kepler attributed the observed phenomenon to a higher-level cause
- 8 - Kepler saw in the geometric progression the 'harmony of the worlds' expressed
- 9 - Nor did Isaac Newton, who had build on Kepler's work, recognize a mechanistic reason
- 10 - In Plasma Astrophysics, the Sun is recognized as a Plasma Star
- 11 - This takes us far away from the archaic theories of the planets being born in primordial dust
- 12 - In Plasma Astrophysics, the planets have all started as accumulations of plasma
- 13 - When plasma streams are flowing in space, they are pinched together magnetically
- 14 - The stars often appear as strings of stars interconnected
- 15 - The space in which the current flows towards the Sun becomes smaller, geometrically
- 16 - A tiny sun does not produce strong solar winds that purge the fusion products
- 17 - The resulting mantle became the mantle of the Earth
- 18 - The heavy atomic elements that are purged from the Sun with the solar wind become the crust of the Earth
- 19 - Solar cosmic-ray flux also affects the plasma core of the Earth
- 20 - The plasma core of the Earth, concept, obsoletes the concept of an iron-core
- 21 - Why then doesn't the nearby Sun have an iron core likewise?
- 22 - This question cannot be answered, because the iron core is a myth
- 23 - The plasma core doesn't have this problem. Plasma doesn't explode
- 24 - The plasma core principle has great economic significance
- 25 - The atomic elements that are synthesized by the core comprise mostly the simple-type atoms
- 26 - The oil and gas that we consume in our cars, appear to have been synthesized by the core
- 27 - Worldwide oil extraction, is an amazing 100 million barrels per day
- 28 - This huge rate of extraction is still less than the potential rate of synthesis
- 29 - Only the production of natural gas exceeds the theoretical rate of the core's synthesis
- 30 - Another resource that the Earth's core has synthesized in abundance, is water
- 31 - The theory of Primary Water existing within the Earth, goes back almost 80 years
- 32 - The Primary Water theory is of great significance for us all
- 33 - The plasma-core principle is thereby of the greatest significance for us on Earth

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