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Plasma Astrophysics #7: Phase-Shift 2050s



- 1 - We are coming to the end of the current, warm, interglacial climate
- 2 - We didn't have much evidence until the space age began with its advanced technologies
- 3 - Ulysses became one of the most successful efforts to explore the dynamics of the Sun
- 4 - One of Ulysses' vital discoveries is that the velocity of the solar wind is nearly constant
- 5 - Another vital discovery that Ulysses brought home, is that the solar-wind 'pressure'
- 6 - If one projects the 30%-per-decade rate of collapse forward in time
- 7 - The solar wind itself is not a significant factor for the climate on Earth
- 8 - The solar-wind pressure is a measure for the existing over-pressure in the supply system
- 9 - The diminishing solar-wind pressure
- 10 - Increasing solar cosmic-ray flux is the big factor that affects the climate on Earth
- 11 - Increasing cosmic-ray flux results in increased global cloudiness
- 12 - Increased cloudiness reflects evermore sunlight back into space
- 13 - Increasing cloudiness diminishes the water-vapor density in the atmosphere
- 14 - Diminishing solar-wind pressure is an indicator of how much more cooling is yet to come
- 15 - The progressive cooling, accompanied by the reduced moderating greenhouse effect
- 16 - When major winter blizzards strike in April and delay planting
- 17 - Australia's 50% loss in wheat production resulted from climate consequences
- 18 - The diminishing solar-wind pressure will continue year after year, with consequences not yet imagined
- 19 - Diminished shielding against solar cosmic-ray flux is the effect caused by a weaker Sun
- 20 - For as long as the solar wind flows, which represents overpressure in the system
- 21 - When the first phase of the solar collapse process comes to an end
- 22 - We have no reason to believe that the interstellar plasma stream will not continue to diminish
- 23 - At some point The Primer Fields will vanish as if they had never existed
- 24 - The high-power state of the Sun terminates potentially in the 2050s
- 25 - Whether the final phase shift happens in the 2050s is ironically insignificant
- 26 - This means that the critical time for us all is the present, not 30 years from now

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