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Plasma Astrophysics #6: Digital Ice Ages



- 1 - Ice ages are digital events. Nothing else makes sense.
- 2 - Climate recorded in ice cores flips radically in an on-off fashion
- 3 - The ice core records tell us that glaciation climate had been the norm
- 4 - Archaic theory supposes that minute variations of the orbit of the Earth affects the amount of solar radiation received
- 5 - The theory ignores that the total energy received from the Sun remains the same
- 6 - The archaic theory becomes discredited by the evidence
- 7 - Only dramatic changes in the operation of the Sun can cause the enormous climate differentials
- 8 - The difference from interglacial to glaciation
- 9 - The 70% weaker Sun gives us 80% less precipitation
- 10 - The answer is rooted in the Primer Fields
- 11 - Below the needed level for the Primer Fields to be maintained, the Primer Fields vanish
- 12 - Without Primer Fields, the Sun goes into a state of hibernation, as it were
- 13 - The hibernating Sun is no longer surrounded by the dense shell of plasma that it presently has
- 14 - The cosmic-ray volume coming from the Sun was significantly larger all the way through the last glaciation
- 15 - The Beryllium ratios are evidence that ice ages are caused by the Sun going into hibernation
- 16 - The reality is that the Sun flips between two radically contrasting power-states
- 17 - The vast majority of the stars in our galaxy operate in the 3-4,000 degrees range
- 18 - More than 70% of the stars of our galaxy operate in the default range
- 19 - The climate-cooling on the Earth during the previous hibernation state was 40 times more massive than the cooling that caused the Little Ice Age
- 20 - What this means is hard to imagine
- 21 - It is time to wake up and break the doom

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