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Plasma Astrophysics #5: Primer Fields



- 1 - One of the amazing phenomena in Plasma Astrophysics, are the 'Primer Fields'
- 2 - The basic principles are simple
- 3 - Mutual attraction also happens in space
- 4 - A magnetic structure that David LaPoint has named the Confinement Dome
- 5 - The magnetic forces also leave a void below the dome
- 6 - David LaPoint named the magnetic structure that flips the plasma the Flip Ring
- 7 - The now super-dense plasma that gets past the Choke Ring
- 8 - The highly concentrated stream forms a dense shell of plasma around the Plasma Sun
- 9 - Under extreme pressure, atomic elements are being synthesized
- 10 - Whatever portion of the inflowing plasma is not consumed by the Sun, flows on
- 11 - David LaPoint studied the plasma solar dynamics with static experiments
- 12 - The difficult feat was accomplished at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
- 13 - A high-energy electric discharge experiment yielded the flow phenomenon shown here
- 14 - A similar, visible phenomenon has been found in space
- 15 - If one looks closer, one can see both the Flip Ring and the Choke Ring
- 16 - Another example of operating Primer Fields operating on the galactic scale
- 17 - These structures are likely extremely large
- 18 - The resulting flat, disk-like form of the galaxy reveals the primer fields
- 19 - The NASA/ESA spacecraft, Ulysses, encountered a void in the out-flowing solar wind
- 20 - When the Primer Fields break down, the Sun goes into a long hibernation, as it were
- 21 - Are we prepared for an Ice Age under the hibernating, 30% Sun?

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