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Plasma Astrophysics #4: Rivers in Space



- 1 - Space isn't largely empty. It is teeming with rivers of flowing plasma.
- 2 - Plasma creates the galaxies near and far
- 3 - Our galaxy is a node point on the path of inter-galactic plasma streams
- 4 - Plasma is the energy resource for every star or sun the galaxies contain
- 5 - All atomic structures are made up of bound-up plasma particles
- 6 - Atoms are synthesized from plasma, by plasma interaction
- 7 - From synthesized atoms, all the worlds are created
- 8 - The synthesis of atoms, consumes some of the plasma that powers the stars
- 9 - Plasma particles that carry an electric charge have a hold onto each
- 10 - Plasma particles flow flow in streams
- 11 - On Earth, most rivers flow into the sea
- 12 - The draining of water into an irrigation ditch, consumes the source
- 13 - In the cosmic system, every sun is a plasma-consuming engine
- 14 - Stars are often found in long string-like formations
- 15 - We see the same string-like formations also in the arrangement of galaxies
- 16 - Plasma is elastic and compressible, like air is
- 17 - The plasma streams in space have a similar resonance
- 18 - On the stellar scale the cycle times are correspondingly shorter
- 19 - Ice Age cycles are the result of the 100,000-years resonance
- 20 - The repeating ice age cycles affect us immensely
- 21 - On the galactic scale cycle times are measured in millions of years per cycle
- 22 - For our Milky Wa we have detected two very long cycles overlaid on each other
- 23 - Measurable evidence is contained in the calcite shells in deep-sea sediments
- 24 - With the two long cycles being presently at their low point
- 25 - It may well be that we owe our existence to the rivers in space - that our galaxy is at a node point of

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