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Plasma Astrophysics #13: Science against Science

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We are at a state of war, a war in which science is pitted against science. But ultimately, the war is a war against science itself. The goal is to disable science, or to render it ineffective for humanity. This is typically achieved by perversion, the perversion of science. And typically too, the perversion is organized and controlled from the highest layers of the world's controlling elite.

It all began innocently in the late 1800s when the Norwegian scientist and explorer, Christian Birkeland, made a name for himself by leading expeditions into the Arctic to explore a perplexing phenomenon of Plasma Astrophysics, that had never before been seen as an aspect of Plasma Astrophysics.

The goal was to discover the forces of the universe that cause the amazing light show of the Aurora Borealis. Birkeland saw the cause for it as streams of electrically charged particles flowing from the Sun, interacting with the atmosphere, guided to earth by magnetic field lines.

He even set up a laboratory experiment, to explore how electric plasma streams interact with a magnetic sphere. His discoveries were fundamentally phenomenal in in that they pointed to the existence of a large-scale cosmic-electric energy resource that is linked with the Sun.

The promise of a cosmic-electric energy resource evidently didn't sit well with the ruling imperial elite of the day that regarded energy as a resource that one is able to own as a property, and is able to control for a rich flow of profits. When Birkeland opened a window into the cosmic energy potentials, he appears to have set off a shockwave with his pioneering adventure into the science of Plasma Astrophysics. The elite responded, decisively. It responded with an effort to block this new window, but without drawing attention to it.

The British writer H.G. Wells, one of the elite's own, became an actor in this war, and he did successfully redirect the course of science.

H. G. Wells worked through the back door. He wrote a novel about a time-traveler. The time traveler traveled far into the future, where he encountered a serene, docile, and beautiful people, the Eloy, who lived a life of ease, without a care in the world, in an environment rich with food.

But when the traveler has his time machine stolen, he discovers the other side of the coin. He discovers the underground society, the machine society people, the Morloch, who keep the place operating. He also discovers the nature of their relationship to the Eloy. The Eloy are herded by them, as livestock, and are harvested as food.

Wells' message to the elite was blunt: Keep science under wraps, or else the Morlochs will eat you for breakfast.

The message evidently was heard. In the 1920s a discussion began among the elite as to what to do with science. It appears that the answer was to pervert the most dangerous aspects of it, especially Plasma Astrophysics.

It was shortly after the 1920's, that the Big-Bang cosmology theory became invented, probably in the halls of the royal academies. It became hailed as the 'final' answer. The theory is that the universe exploded into being, out of nothing, and has been expanding in space for more than 13 billion years.

The theory is build on the red-shift effect in light from distant objects. The phenomenon is said to prove that the distant objects are moving faster away than the Earth, whereby light is deemed to be stretched out. But is this possible?

The theory is a nice tale, but the reality is quite different.


The reality is, that light is not a wave, but consist of 'photon-energy' packets of different sizes. When the packets are aligned in long strings, they appear like a wave. The wavelength is thereby determined by the size of the packets. The size of the packets, in turn, is determined by their energy content. High-energy packets are tight and small. The low-energy packets are therefore larger.

But what happens when light travels over long distances, in the order of millions of light-years, flowing through space, in some cases flowing through areas teaming with plasma? In such cases energy depletion occurs. And guess what results. The energy depletion enlarges the size of the photon packets.

The violet package, becomes transformed into a blue package as the result of energy depletion, and the blue package into a green package, and so on, whereby the entire spectrum shifts towards the red.

This means that the red shift that results, is merely a proxy for distance. On the basis of this recognition, the Big-Bang cosmology falls apart. It is essentially dead. It should have been let go a long time ago. Instead, it is vigorously being kept alive.

When the electrical engineer and plasma physicist, Hannes Alfven, received the Nobel Price in physics in 1970, for his pioneering work on magnetohydrodynamics, the Big-Bang field became quickly propped up, in the same year. It was done by bringing Stephen Hawking and other big names into the Big Bang arena. They proved in scientific papers that mathematical singularities were an inevitable initial condition of general relativistic models, of the Big Bang.

Hannes Alven became eclipsed thereby.

Hannes Alfven had ventured into Plasma Astrophysics. He was likely the first scientist to create a theoretical model of a plasma-electric galaxy. It was termed the Alfven Model. It was revolutionary. But promptly got lost in the shadow of the Big Bang. Numerous other electric-universe theories have since been created. However, to the best of my knowledge, none have reached as far, as seeing the Sun as a plasma star.

In parallel with the Big Bang promotion, another science perversion was launched in the same general timeframe, perhaps also to overshadow the growing interest in Plasma Astrophysics.

The new science perversion was launched in 1975 as the Manmade Global Warming theory. The theory, likely as an intentional perversion, was placed onto the plate of humanity, not by a climate specialist, or even by a physicist, but by an anthropologist. Her name is Margaret Mead. She was likely chosen.

Anyone with an interest in real climate science would have known in 1975 that the great global warming by the up-ramped Sun had already ended, and that a reversal had begun towards cooler climates.

 The up-ramped Sun, which broke the Little Ice Age of the 1600, gave us a long period of global warming. The warming had lasted for 250 to 300 years. During the period of warming, the Sun had displayed evidence of increasing solar activity. The increase was reflected in ever-higher sunspot numbers during the 11-year solar cycles in this period.

The long up-trend eventually peaked in the 1960s, and then dropped sharply in the 1970s. With the dropping off, of solar activity, the reversal of the great solar global warming had begun.

The Sun recovered somewhat after the 1970s, all the way through to the 80s and 90s.

Obviously, none of this recovery, too, was man-made. We have no means to affect the Sun.

After the brief recovery of the solar activity, which ended in the 1990s, solar activity dropped sharply, like a falling stone. The nearly 300 years span of global warming that had rescued us from the Little Ice Age, was history by then, essentially from the Year 2000 on.

Many of the scare tales of the Earth getting warmer, that are still paraded today, are built on evidence from that period when the up-ramped Sun did cause massive global warming to happen. Sea levels had indeed been rising during those 300 years of Sun-driven global warming.

But this is all history now. Solar activity is diminishing fast, and the Earth is cooling as a consequence. Nevertheless the Manmade Global Warming theory is still being kept alive artificially by massive political campaigns. This is not surprising, because the theory was fiction from the beginning, and is promoted as fiction.

Over the years, tens of thousands of concerned scientists from around the world, have put their name down in protest against the unscientific global warming fictions. The scientists signed appeals, declarations, and petition projects. This began in 1992 with the Heidelberg Appeal, followed by the Leipzig Declaration that targeted only the small field of actual climate specialists. This was followed a year later by the worldwide Oregon Petition Project.

The massive protest by the science community was never heard at the U.N. climate conferences. Consequently the result of the Oregon Petition Project were forwarded to the governments directly in opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol was given an 85% rejection by 2004.

In 2006 the U.S. Senate got into the act. It published a report in 2007, composed of 400 written statements by prominent scientists in dispute of the Manmade Global Warming claims. A year later, in 2008, a new Oregon Petition Project was launched online that was signed by over 31,000 people.

This massive rejection of the Manmade Global Warming Doctrine by the science community, is never mentioned in the media. Thus it remains largely unknown to the public. It is barely noted that the doctrine has been renamed to Manmade Climate Change, since the global climate is now cooling.

The problem with the historic protests against Manmade Climate Change, is that the protestors are protesting against something that isn't real, that was fiction to begin with.

While Climate Change, driven by the Sun, is expressed through the ever-changing solar cosmic-ray flux, and is forever ongoing, it was never, in any way manmade, nor is it so now.It would be wonderful if we would have the means to alter the dynamics that power the Sun and change our climate with it.

Very few of the climate protestors, if any, went to the actual core of the climate change issue, and have pointed to the Plasma Sun and its dynamics as the cause for all the climate changes, on Earth, warming and cooling. If this would have been done, it would have lifted the burden off humanity as the dangerous climate villain, which it is said to be, fraudulently. It would have given humanity its dignity back.

Some day, when the wars between the sciences become resolved, based on reality rather than politics, then humanity becomes free at last, to address the real climate change issue, the big issue of the impending Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s.

At this stage, humanity becomes free to build itself the needed infrastructures for its continued existence in an Ice Age world.

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