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Plasma Astrophysics #10: Cosmic-Rays and Metaphysics

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Not all of the effects in Plasma Astrophysics, are physically measurable, such as cultural advances. In such cases the evidence is circumstantial rather than physically quantifiable, although the circumstantial evidence, in this case too, is extraordinary.

One specific case is the dawn of the written languages. This occurred in a period were extraordinarily larger volumes of cosmic-ray flux were impacting the Earth, and were affecting us with it.

The periods of high rates of cosmic-ray flux are typically cold periods, for reasons that increasing cosmic-ray flux increases the cloudiness on Earth by means of increasing cloud ionization, which is a strong factor for cloudiness.

The end-result is that the increased cloudiness reflects an increasing portion of the inflowing solar energy back into space. This is how increasing cosmic-ray flux renders the Earth colder.

The surprise begins when a coincidence becomes apparent between the cosmic-ray-rich cold periods, and the great cultural achievements that were wrought in these periods.

The development of written languages stands as a prime example of these extraordinary cases, but it does not stand alone. Other great achievements were likewise wrought during the cosmic-ray-rich cold periods. These are the dawn of Christianity, the dawn of Islam, an also the dawn of the Golden Renaissance.

It was during the coldest of these cold periods, the periods of the Little Ice Age, marked by the Maunder Minimum in sunspot cycles, that the famous Peace of Westphalia had been established in 1648.

Humanity had created itself the greatest peace treaty with itself that had ever been set up, and which continues to stand to some degree to the present day, as a guiding cultural foundation. In addition, during this period, a number of the greatest geniuses had emerged on the cultural scene. We find them in the sciences; in the arts; in music; and even in politics, like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz and Benjamin Franklin, for example.

The dawn of the nation-state principle occurred in the cold period following the Little Ice Age, near the end-phase of the high-flux period in the 1700s. The revolutionary nation-state principle, which by then could no longer be stopped, resulted in the establishment of the USA and Canada as nations.

Inversely, during the peak warm periods in recent time, with correspondingly lean cosmic-ray flux affecting us, were the periods in which the big historic wars had erupted, and their horrendous destruction had ravished the cultural scene. This connection was reflected most prominently in the most recent warm period, which became the period of the world wars.

The question that presents itself here, is, how is it possible that the observed cultural phenomena occurred as effects in Plasma Astrophysics?

The answer is not surprising. Cosmic-ray flux consists mainly of high-energy protons, up to 90% of it. While most of the protons collide with the atmosphere with a wide range of secondary effects, some get through to the surface and affect our bodies. Estimates have it that on average, a person gets bombarded with roughly 50,000 of these cosmic-ray particles per day. However, since the cosmic-ray particles, in the form of protons, carry an electric charge and are 100,000-times smaller than the atoms of our body, the charged particles flow right through us. The potential collisions are avoided by the electric force. The cosmic-ray protons simply fly through the largely empty spaces of the atoms of our body, without colliding with anything.

However, as the cosmic-ray protons flow through the human body, they generate by magnetic induction a minuscule electric current in the surrounding tissues. The electric induction appears to be beneficial for our neurological systems, because the far-flung neurological systems in our body operate to a large extend electrically.

It might well be that over the span of millions of years of this induction, the cosmic-ray induction had enabled the types of neurological developments by which we, humanity, became what we are today, This means that the ice ages, which are rich in cosmic-ray flux, may have been a significant factor for the dawn of humanity on Earth.

The coincidence may also mean that the now increasing cosmic-ray showers, as we are getting nearer to the Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s, may enable us to finally terminate the phenomenon of war on Earth that has destroyed human culture more extensively than we may know, and more so the nuclear war threats that still linger on.

The nuclear war tragedy had been developed during the cosmic-ray lean times, leading up to the 1960s.

Now, that the cosmic-ray rich times are upon us, peace and a richer humanity may finally be achieved in the near future, with a Golden Renaissance unfolding anew. In the rising wave of this renaissance, the world-bridge infrastructures will be built, with revolutionary floating agriculture and floating cities included, made of basalt, which we will need critically for our very survival before the Ice Age phase shift even happens.

The apparently lawful coincidence of cultural achievements with cosmic-ray rich periods, seems to tell us that our future will be bright if we develop the potential that is now unfolding before us.

Post script

We face the task to create us a new world in 30 years or less, and to create it in a location where the Ice Age cooling has the least effect. This places the new world into the tropics, and as close to the equator as possible. As there is little suitable land in the tropics, we face the task to build our new world afloat on the equatorial seas, complete with high-technology indoor agriculture that has the capacity to nourish almost 7 billion people.

The scale of the project is gigantic. But here things break down. While it is fairly obvious that the project must be done for civilization to survive, and most of humanity with it, probably in the high 90% range, society almost worldwide, answers NO. The comments are, this cannot be done! There is not enough money in the world to do it.

But do we really need money to build this? Money is a dead thing. It builds nothing. Human beings, or the machines that human beings create, do the building. Money plays a secondary role. If the building of this new world is a life or death issue for nearly the whole of humanity, then a new form of motivation must be created that money evidently cannot fulfill - a type of metaphysics that is uplifting the physical scene to the point that it becomes possible to build what must be built to assure the continuity of civilization and humanity with it.

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