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Another novel The Lodging for the Rose

Since the challenge of universal sovereignty takes us far beyond war and the cesspool world, I started writing another novel that I had called, ‘The Lodging for the Rose’. I soon discovered that the exploration of universal sovereignty, developing towards universal love, opens up a vastly larger world to be discovered. By the time the exploration was completed, the single novel had become a series of 12 novels for which the original title was retained as the overall title.

The 12 novels too, seem to be more relevant to the modern nuclear war crisis than the Cold War crisis of the 1980s and early 1990s. It will likely remain relevant for some time to come until sovereignty is fully established and the concept of nuclear war but a distant memory.

We have a powerful potential in our humanity to survive the Cesspool War against humanity that is currently in progress, and come out as victors. This has been done once before in 1648 with the treaty of Westphalia that established the platform of universal sovereignty for all nations. We can revive this treaty and take it beyond, and to the heart, and give ourselves a world of peace and build on it. We can do this. We can begin today to do what has never been done fully before. We can do this by looking forward, not backwards.


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