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The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties

The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties have had no effect on the nuclear-war danger, except to veil the danger. Thus the treaties have kept the plan for nuclear war alive.

The treaties have merely shifted a portion of the nuclear arsenal from the strategic arena to the tactical arena that can accomplish essentially the same end. The disease hasnít been healed thereby, but is becoming increasing veiled with evermore Band-Aids coverings to hide the symptoms.

In 1986 the world had 65,000 nuclear bombs in its strategic arsenals. This has been reduced to 27,000. The difference has been shifted into the tactical arena were the weapons are not counted, and some have been put onto the shelf where they are not counted either. Of course some obsolete ones have been dismantled, while new ones have been built. No real disarmament has so far taken place, nor exists there an intention for it. And so, we all remain self-doomed.


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