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CO2 was 14 times greater

450 million years ago CO2 was 14 times greater than it is today, and this massive amount didn't prevent one of the severest ice age periods in geologic history that caused the second-largest extinction of life. Our concern should be that the world is presently severely CO2 deficient. It is at the lowest level ever, near the biological starvation level. Without CO2 not a blade of grass would exist, or tree, or bird, insect, or a human being.

The CO2 starvation is presently so severe on this front that when greenhouse operators double the CO2 in their greenhouses, a 50% increase in plant growth results.

The man-made Global Warming Climate Change hoopla has evidently nothing to do with anything real about CO2, but is a coldly calculated political project to keep society scared, hungry, dying, and impotent, and as of late, killing one another under the depopulation doctrine.


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