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We need to choose our course wisely

Thus, we find ourselves at the crossroads today. Only one path from where we are leads to all of that. Our Ice Age response at the present time is a critical one for a decisive and complete breakout from the imperial system, onto the one path that leads towards this rich new world. We need to choose our course wisely, therefore, and honestly, and scientifically, and most of all with love for all humanity. The alternative is unthinkable. Universal looting, war, terror, and destruction are unthinkable in the face of the Ice Age Challenge, and will become forgotten. And this may happen soon, because the age-old myth of empire as an economic system, is already collapsing.

Of course, when we get to our New World, where we need to be, and the return of the Ice Age does finally unfold as it will, it will have no greater impact on us than that of just another curiosity.


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