Transcript for scene 27 of the video " Ice Age Breakout Revolution" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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We will transform the world into a richer place

We will then see the needed vast wheat fields and orchards and forests springing up afloat on the tropical and subtropical oceans where our food supply would be protected from the coming cold climate. And we will have those vibrant new cities springing up, afloat among the tropical fields, inhabited by a new breed of farmers. And all this huge development will happen in places where nothing exists today. It will be built with materials that are not utilized today, and powered by energy resources that are widely deemed not even to exist.

Yes, we will transform the world into a richer place than we now dream of. We will not lay ourselves down to die. And, when we have built our rich new world that the Ice Age cannot touch, we we'll probably think nothing of it, for by then all the struggles of today will be forgotten as new frontiers begin to unfold in space and in the sciences, and in space-based energy systems.


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