Transcript for scene 25 of the video " Ice Age Breakout Revolution" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Meeting the Ice Age Challenge

It might well be that we take the hint that the universe offers and recognize our 100,000-fold development potential that would serve us well in meeting the Ice Age Challenge. It might also be that nothing short of the kind of recognition of the power of our humanity, which the Ice Age Challenge will naturally inspire once it is taken seriously, will cause the present society to finally let go of the notions of empire that offer no hope, only death.

When the decisive breakout does happen, and the Reality Principle becomes implemented as it once was to some degree in 1933, to end the Great Depression, a whole new world will become possible in our time with universal riches that few have yet dared to even dream of, with food in abundance for all, and with free universal housing to end homelessness, slum dwelling, and rent slavery.



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