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As vital as Glass Steagall is,

Only a few people are aware that the breakout from empire to the credit society principle, which Glass Steagall represents to some degree, involves a total systemic shift.

The breakout cannot be a piecemeal change, even with Glass Steagall. The breakout must be total and systemic, because the present crisis is systemic.

The imperial system is a comprehensive system that invokes for its looting enforcement not only poverty, starvation, and genocide, but also terror and war, especially war that has reached a scale of horror that is now bringing us to the brink of extinction.

In addition, the system of empire is blocking humanity's preparations for surviving the coming Ice Age. This blockage is absolute. The blockage cuts so deep that there isn't even enough money in the imperial system in America to dredge out its silted rivers from the last flooding. The world has become caught up in a dying and collapsing system, and is committing itself to die with it at the point of the most critical challenge before it, that the return of the Ice Age is imposing.

As vital as Glass Steagall is, for curbing the thievery that is collapsing civilization, it is a piecemeal effort. It is not comprehensive enough. It lacks the principle for a fundamental systemic change. It lacks the intention behind its design to build a brand new world on the Reality Principle of directed credit creation. It is designed to only separate speculative financial thievery from the commercial banking activity. Its design is to merely protect what facilitates and develops society's creative productivity. This means that Glass Steagall is not designed to actually end speculative financial thievery, but to merely soften its impact. Thus, it doesn't go far enough. It is a passive law. It lacks the provision to enable the dynamics of the creative and productive potential of humanity. This may be the reason while the movement to bring Glass Steagall back has so far been failing. It simply doesn't go far enough towards what needs to be accomplished. But what kind of productivity are we looking for?


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