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If the Glass Steagall restoration is to succeed

However, is anyone who supports the Glass Steagall restoration bill, or even leans into the Glass Steagall direction, aware that at the center of the Glass Steagall breakout from empire, stands the credit society principle, the Reality Principle? If the Glass Steagall restoration is focused on merely blocking the stealing of society's wealth, it will likely fail, being then backwards oriented. In the real world financial values must reflect the value of physical production, which creates the wealth of society. If the Glass Steagall restoration is to succeed the focus must be foreword oriented. Humanity must be inspired to claim its crown, the crown of the creator and producer of all real wealth that ever was, and ever will be. The Glass Steagall focus must be on enabling humanity to unfold its potential. Real wealth is only derived from what is produced. There is absolutely no value in illusions or wealth in fakery. Why then would anyone want to protect what has no value by blocking Glass Steagall. The awareness of the empowering reality-principle is lacking in society, with a few exceptions. The breakout from this failure is crucial. Without, the reality principle Glass Steagall will likely remain blocked, and without Glass Steagall humanity has no chance of meeting the Ice Age Challenge that may be closer than most people imagine.


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