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Spearheaded by LaRouche

There is a growing movement now afoot to get the Glass Steagall legislation reinstated, as an emergency measure to prevent the total blowout of the financial and economic system via a controlled bankruptcy reorganization that simply writes off all the gambling debts and protects what is left of the real economy on which people's living depends. The movement is designed to take down the illusion to the level of reality, to simply zero out what is fake, so that the rebuilding of the economy can begin, and to protect it. The stakes are high without even considering the looming Ice Age Challenge. It might well be that nothing short of the Ice Age Challenge will provide the needed impetus for society to step away from the thievery of empire that is increasingly crushing it. All efforts in the Glass Steagall direction have so far failed.

The movement in this direction was spearheaded by LaRouche long before the system began to crash.

The movement nearly succeeded with the 2006 proposal for an Economic Recovery Act to save the automobile industry. It was followed up a year later by the proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act of 2007 that would have stopped the foreclosure crisis and have saved millions of people the loss of their home. Both proposals had wide support in State Governments and in the population. But it was opposed in the halls of government were empire rules. Consequently unemployment exploded, and whatever else followed, which were the real causes for the foreclosure crisis.

The movement to get Glass Steagall back in full, as the latest, and possibly final emergency rescue effort to avert a looming disaster, had likewise wide support in the population, and still has that, but it stood against immense opposition from empire.


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