Transcript for scene 8 of the video " Ice Age Breakout Revolution" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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A non-collapse of the financial system is not possible

When the collapsing system finally falls, the fall will be inevitably worse, like that of a great avalanche that has been building up for a long time and then begins to move when its weight becomes unsustainable.

A non-collapse of an escalating looting system, like the present world financial system is not possible under any circumstances. And this is where we are at.

Society has been looted to the point that it is barely able to exist. The gap between wages and prices has become huge. Housing has become unaffordable to evermore people, and those who still have a roof over their head have become slaves to a process that claims an ever-larger chunk of their earnings just to have a place to live, while the entire economic system thereby becomes hollow. This trend adds up to an avalanche on a scale that no one can forecast or imagine.


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