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The collapse of the illusion

In 2007 the illusion began to collapse that the financial world can have value independent of the physical productive process. Huge tremors then shook the entire system of illusions that point A represents.

The collapse of the illusion was halted in 2008 with the bailout process. But the bailout process too, is now collapsing, because the printing of more money simply doesn't add anything of real value. Nothing helps or has helped. Nothing was rescued when this huge stack of bailout money was thrown into the trough for the thieves, which, when piled up in hundred dollar bills, is so huge that it would stretch three quarters the way around the world when laid on its side. When the bailout process stops completely, which ultimately cannot be maintained for long, then point A drops down to point B, and there will be crying in the streets.

When this chaotic implosion happens, 99% of society's pensions will vanish. Millionaires and billionaires will vanish likewise. Nothing will remain as an item of value except that which has an equivalent in the physical economy, at point B.

This point is presently at an extremely low level.


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